If you, the “User”, would like to access contents and services in the site (the “Site”), property of EPSA INTERNACIONAL, S.A. (hereinafter “EPSA”), please read carefully the terms and conditions governing it.


1.1 Site’s General Conditions

Use of the Site provides you a condition as User and entails full acceptance of the terms and conditions herein defined (“the Site’s specific conditions”). Therefore you, the User, hereby represents to have read, understood and accepted such conditions in full, being therefore bound by the same. Furthermore, access and use of the Site are subject to all notices, regulations for use and instructions advised to User by EPSA, which are supplemental to the provisions found in this Site’s General Conditions as long as not in conflict with them.

1.2 Service General Conditions.
Access to and use of certain contents and/or services may be subject to specific conditions which, as applicable shall replace, complete and/or modify the Site’s specific conditions found herein (hereinafter, the “Service Specific Conditions”).  Access to and use of said contents and/or services shall also imply a reading, understanding and acceptance of such.

1.3 Modification.
EPSA reserves its right to unilaterally modify from time to time the Site’s General Conditions and/or the Service Specific Conditions (hereinafter, the “New Conditions”).  As from the inclusion of the modifications in the Site it shall be also understood that access to and use of the Site by the User implies full acceptance of any New Conditions.

1.4 Refusal
Should the User refuse to accept the Site’s General Conditions, the Service Specific Conditions and/or, if applicable, the New Conditions, he/she shall not be able to access to or use the services and/or contents offered in the Site.


These Site’s General Conditions and, if applicable, the Service Specific Conditions are intended to govern access to and use of the contents and services put at disposal of any Site’s Users (hereinafter, the “Contents” and/or, if applicable the “Services”). To the purposes of these Site’s General Conditions, the term “Site” shall be understood as: (1) the external appearance (or “look and feel”) of any display interfaces, both in static or dynamic form (i.e., the navigation tree), (2) any elements themselves making up both the display interfaces and the navigation tree included but not limited to any literary texts, images and sounds, multimedia works, artwork (including graphics, frames, etc.), imprints, pictures and, in general, any creations, elements and/or objects included in them (hereinafter, the “Contents”), (3) the Services included therein and, in general, any kind of contents that may be found in the URL any sub domains and/or subdirectories.


3.1 Availability

3.1.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 6.2 herein below, the Site shall be available twenty-four (24) hours a day every day of the year. Notwithstanding the above, provision of any new connections, changes in forwarding and update of maintenance operations as necessary that, in general, inevitably imply suspension of Site’s access or use may result in a temporary interruption for the time that may be necessary to undertake such work.

3.1.2 EPSA shall be entitled to engage and/or commission to any third parties any or all activities as necessary for maintenance, update or enhancement of the Site. Said organizations could have the power to disable the Site and, therefore, interrupt access to it on a temporary basis until such activities are regarded as fully completed. EPSA shall make every effort to notify the User, in the fullest extent possible, about any time spans during which access to the Site were interrupted.

3.2 Modification of the Site

EPSA reserves its right of unilaterally modifying, at any time and without prior notice, presentation and configuration of the Site, including Contents and/or Services offered in it.


4.1 Free of Charge Nature

4.1.1 Unless expressly specified otherwise in the Specific Conditions, access to and use of the Site shall be performed free of charge for Users and no prior subscription to or registration in the Site are required from the User.

4.1.2 Notwithstanding the above, EPSA may discontinue availability of Contents and Services or start requiring a fee from Users for access to or use of Contents/Services. To such purpose, prior notice to the User shall suffice provided a minimum of five (5) days are allowed in regards to any Service Specific Conditions governing access to or use of said Contents/Services. The User may voluntarily give up access to or use of any Contents and/or Services implying payment of any amounts in accordance with the provisions of Clause 10.2.2 herein below. The fees that may be established shall be in force only as from the date of application.

4.1.3 Costs relating telephone access as necessary for the use of the Site as well as any costs and/or expenses other than mere access to an availability of the Contents and/or Services shall be solely and exclusively for the User’s account. The User must face such costs and/or expenses on its own.

4.2 Use of the Site

4.2.1 The User undertakes to use the Contents and/or Services in a diligent, proper and lawful fashion. The User undertakes not to use the Site for activities contrary to law, moral, good practices or public order. Similarly, the User undertakes not to use the Site for unlawful, forbidden purposes or to ends that may damage rights and interests held by any third parties. EPSA shall decline any responsibilities arising therefrom.

4.2.2 The User acknowledges and accepts that use of the Site shall be carried out on his/her own risk and account and for strictly personal, private purposes.  The User is strictly forbidden to authorize the use of the Site to any third parties or to include it in business or commercial activities whatsoever unless with EPSA’s prior approval.

4.2.3 The User undertakes not to damage, disable or impair equipment or IT systems owned by EPSA or any third-party Users as well as all contents included and/or stored in them.  Likewise, the User undertakes not to prevent or make difficult in any way the normal use, enjoyment, development or rendering of any Contents and/or Services included in the Site.

4.2.4 The putting of the Site for User disposal shall be understood at any event, as subject to strict compliance by the User of any terms provided for in this Site Specific Conditions and, if applicable, in the Service General Conditions or any New Conditions as applicable, undertaking as well to observe any restrictions of use provided for.

4.3 Installation and user of Computer Software
To the purposes of a proper access to and implementation of Contents and Services found in the Site, the User may require downloading into his/her computer systems certain computer programs or other logic items or software. Said installation shall be for the User’s account. EPSA shall refuse any kind of responsibility arising therefrom.

4.4 Withdrawal, Cancellation, Suspension or Blocking
EPSA shall be entitled, to its sole discretion, to withdraw, suspend and/or block at any time and without any prior notice being required, access to and use of Contents and/or Services to those Users that do not comply with any of the provisions they must adhere to by accepting these conditions.

The User voluntarily accepts and acknowledges that the use of the Site is performed under his/her sole and exclusive responsibility. Any risks arising therefrom are to be assumed on an exclusive, unrestricted basis by the User. In that regard, the User accepts and acknowledges that he/she shall be solely responsible for any damages suffered by his/her computer systems and/or any losses arising from or in connection with the downloading or use of any elements.

6.1 General Waiver

6.1.1 Unless expressly imposed by the law otherwise and exclusively in the extent and scope of such imposition, EPSA shall not guarantee or assume any responsibility in regard with the use of the Site or of any related elements or any elements that may be included in the same, such as Contents accessed to by the User or any of the Services rendered.

6.1.2 To enumerative purposes but without limitation thereof, this liability disclaimer mentioned in the above paragraph shall be comprehensive of any warranties or liabilities arising from any quality, interoperatibility, functionality and/or suitability standards for a particular purpose.

6.2 Interruption, Suspension and Cancellation
The User acknowledges that EPSA shall not be liable for any damages arising from the interruption, suspension or cancellation of the access to the Site, including but not limited to any damages that are either direct, indirect, consequential, or ancillary, regardless of said interruption, suspension or cancellation being motivated or not, negligent or intentional, noticed or not.

6.3 Items external to the Site

6.3.1 EPSA does not control on a prior basis and does not guarantee absence of any items external to the Site that may cause alterations in the User’s computer equipment and software applications or in his/her electronic documents and files stored in or downloaded from the same.

6.3.2 EPSA expressly declines any liabilities relating to the entry in the User’s equipment or systems of any external computer programs or materials containing a sequence of instructions or directions that may cause adverse effects in the User’s computer systems, included but not limited to “computer viruses”, “Trojan horses”, functional or operating errors (“bugs”), “time bombs”, “cancelbots”, etc.

6.4 Services, Contents and Information other than EPSA’s

6.4.1 EPSA does not take part neither in the configuration and execution of any services provided by any third parties through the Services nor of the contents and/or products that these may include and/or market, nor exerts any prior control, not guaranteeing the lawfulness, infallibility or usefulness of the same. EPSA disclaims any liability for damages of any nature whatsoever that may be caused by defects in the quality of any contents or services provided by any third parties other than EPSA.

6.4.2 This Site includes information, opinions, advice, warnings and statements –regarded as a whole as the “Information” – provided by various sources, as well as by the Users themselves. The Information in question is given solely for general information purposes. For that reason, EPSA does not necessarily uphold or assume any liability for any decisions that may have been made based on it. Similarly, EPSA does not control nor offers any kind of warranties on the truthfulness, applicability, completeness and/or authenticity of any data provided by other Users on themselves or made available to other Users. Therefore, EPSA declines any liability that may arise from an incorrect User identity.
Likewise, and except for any liability limitations as required by the law, EPSA does not guarantee neither assumes any responsibility on the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy and updated status of such Information, including any instances of libelous, offensive or unlawful contents.

6.5 Links to Third-Party Sites
This Site may include hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. In such events, the relevant links are given as an additional service to Users, at no rate being EPSA responsible for the same or their contents. Links provided in this Site are only given for User convenience and in order to make them aware of any other sources of information on the relevant subject that may exist on the Internet, that not necessarily meaning they are endorsed by EPSA. In these instances, Users shall be solely responsible for the use of such links and, therefore, EPSA assumes no responsibility for the results that may be obtained through them, nor guarantees any information or contents not being directly managed or controlled by its Webmaster.


7.1 Ownership

7.1.1 The User acknowledges EPSA’s title in regard to all its intellectual, industrial property rights or in regard to any other similar rights on the Site. To enumerative purposes but not limited to them, it shall be regarded so including any information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, pictures, recordings, computer applications, databases, technology, computer equipment, know-how, brands, logos and, in general, any kind of materials that may be accessed through the Site owned by EPSA, as well as the Site itself (hereinafter, the “Property”).

7.1.2 The User undertakes not to withdraw or modify those legends, indications or symbols that EPSA may include in its Properties regarding intellectual or industrial property.

7.2 Property Authorization Scheme

7.2.1 The User acknowledges that by virtue of these Site’s General Conditions, EPSA does not assign or transfer the User any rights on whatever elements of its Property. EPSA only authorizes the User to use the Property as necessary to the use of the Site in accordance with the terms and conditions herein and/or on the Service General Conditions.

7.2.2 EPSA does not grant any other licence or authorization for use to the User on its Property other than that expressly detailed in these Site’s General Conditions or, if applicable in the Specific Conditions. To these purposes, EPSA authorizes the User to access to and navigate through the Site. Whenever authorized by EPSA or allowed by the Site’s own technological elements, the User may download one single copy of the Site’s proprietary material as long as it is for strictly personal use and not intended for profit or trading benefits’ At any rate, the licence of use acknowledged herein shall not be, under any circumstances, assigned or transferred to any third parties. EPSA expressly reserves any other rights or uses not included in this licence; such reserve shall also include the exercise of any civil or criminal actions that may be enforced as a result of the access to and/or use of this Site, its pages, Contents or elements.

7.2.3 Except for as expressly provided in the above paragraph, Users SHALL NOT BE AUTHORIZED to reproduce, store, distribute (including e-mail and Internet), transfer, communicate, modify, alter, transform, assign the Property or, in any other way carry out activities entailing a commercial use of this Site, its pages, Contents, Services or elements included in it, either in part or in full, without a prior consent given in writing by the holder of the exploitation rights. The User must refrain from obtaining or event attempting to obtain any of the elements comprising the Property through the use to that purpose of any means or procedures other than those which, as applicable, may have been made available to such aim in the web pages where the Property may be included or in any Service General Conditions governing their attainment.

7.3 Licence

7.3.1 Submission by Users of any information and/or contents to any of the public access sections in this Site, including but not limited to prototypes, suggestions, ideas, drawings, concepts, comments, questions or any other of an analogous significance, through e-mail or any other means, shall imply a grating to EPSA of a licence for an unlimited period of time, worldwide and free of charge to copy, store, edit, modify, publish, include in databases, publicly disseminate, transfer, display, distribute, represent, or in any other way commercially exploit, in full or in part, such information or contents owned by the User.

7.3.2 The licence in question shall also cover its inclusion in any way or through any means or technology.  The User is to be held responsible of information and/or contents not breaching third party rights nor violating any applicable legislation.  EPSA reserves its right, to its sole discretion of editing, rejecting or deleting any such information and/or contents.

7.3.3 The Users of this Site undertake the obligation of holding EPSA or its representatives harmless and free of any liabilities that may arise from the exercising of actions, either judiciary or not, based on a violation of third party rights or applicable legislation.

7.4 Setting of links with the Site

7.4.1 Users and, in general, anyone intending to create a link between his/her website and the Site (hereinafter, a “link”), must comply with the following conditions: (a) the Link shall only allow access to the Site but may not copy partly or in full its content; (b) no links shall be established with the Site’s pages other than the Site’s home page ( ; (c) no browser, frame, environment or navigation bar shall be created on the Site’s pages; (d) no false, inaccurate, incorrect or offensive representations or statements shall be made on the Site, EPSA or any of its Properties and, specifically, it shall not be stated or implied that EPSA has authorized the Link or supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered or made available to the website from which the Link is offered; (e) with the exception of the signs that are an integral part of the Link, the web page in which the Link is offered shall not contain any trademarks, trading names, establishment signs, names, logos, mottos or any other distinguishing marks belonging to EPSA, unless expressly approved in writing by the latter; (f) the web page offering the Link shall not contain unlawful information or contents, contrary to moral, generally accepted good costumes and public order, as well as contents in opposition to any third party rights.

7.4.2 The establishment of the Link does not imply in any event the existence of a relationship between EPSA and the owner of the website in which it is defined, nor EPSA’s acceptance and approval of its contents and services.

7.4.3 Any intended type of link other than that defined in paragraph one in this Clause shall require EPSA’s prior consent in writing.


In order to use or have any access whatsoever to the Services or Contents included in the Site, EPSA may require certain personal details from Users. EPSA shall treat said details in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in its Data Protection Policy published in the Site By completing and sending any form included in the Site, the User expressly authorizes and consents EPSA to gather and process any personal details required in accordance with the relevant aims and under conditions defined in such Data Protection Policy.


With the aim of adapting and modifying the Site as well as to develop and offer new Contents or Services better adjusting to User preferences, EPSA shall use technological tools or devices enabling gathering of User’s statistical data.


10.1 Term
The term for the contractual relationship agreed herein is, in principle, indefinite.

10.2 Termination

10.2.1 EPSA shall be entitled to terminate of suspend this contractual relationship unilaterally at any time and without a cause but its willingness to do so.

10.2.2 On the other hand, the User shall be entitled to terminate of suspend this contractual relationship unilaterally at any time and without a cause but its willingness to do so.


The User may not assign, transfer, tax or surrogate in favour of any third parties the rights and obligations set forth in these Site’s General Conditions and, if applicable, in the Specific Conditions. The User may not, under any circumstances resell or assign his/her rights and/or obligations or use the Contents and/or the Service with commercial purposes. EPSA shall be entitled to assign, transfer, tax or surrogate in favour of any third parties, partly or in full, any rights or obligations assumed by virtue of the contractual relationship set forth herein, as well as the contract position to any third parties, being it understood by virtue of this instrument that the User grants sufficient authorization to that purpose.


12.1 Notices
To the purposes of any suggestions or collaboration proposals, the User may contact EPSA through email sent at

12.2 Non-waiver
No waiver by EPSA to bring a lawsuit in regard to any violations of the terms provided herein by the Users shall constitute a waiver to initiate actions in regard to any other violations of the same covenant or of any other in the future.

12.3 Applicable Law & Jurisdiction
These Site’s General Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Spanish law. In the event the User has his/her legal domicile outside Spain, both parties are irrevocably, unconditionally, with waiver to any other jurisdiction they may be entitled to, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain).



EPSA deems it an essential goal to ensure privacy of personal details provided by Users and gathered through any system that may allow data transmission (hereinafter, the “Personal Details”). In order to ensure such goal and therefore protect the User’s privacy and confidentiality we have drafted this privacy policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”), in which we represent and undertake to ensure compliance with any legal requirements provided for in the law and regulations that are applicable on the subject matter.  This policy deals with the following issues:

1. File ownership
2. Collection and Treatment
3. Use of cookies
4. Links
5. Assignment and/or Communication of Information
6. Newsletter Services and Product and Service Promotion
7. Security Measures
8. Exercise of the rights to access, modification and rectification
9. Personal options
10. Change of regulation.
Thus, in compliance with Organic Act 15/1999 of December, on Protection of Personal Details, and specifically, in accordance with article 5 thereof governing the right to information in collection of details, through this document EPSA hereby advises you of the following particulars:

EPSA, a Spanish company headquartered in Polig. Industrial Rio de Janeiro, Calle de la Pelaya 6, 28110 Algete, Madrid and holder of Tax ID No. (TIN) A-59547620, is the organization which owns the file that includes you Personal Details, as well as the firm in charge of processing them.

Personal Details. EPSA may require you, through the use of only forms, to provide Personal Details. Amongst them, as appropriate, we may request you the following:
· Name and surnames
· Age
· Address
· Sex
· E-mail Address
· Details regarding your debit or credit cards
· Phone number
Personal Details shall be included in an automated file that may be located within the European Union or the United States of America and to comply with the requirements of the applicable Spanish law (hereinafter the “Personal Details File”).
The existence and features of the Personal Details File has been notified to the Data Protection Agency.
Purpose. Personal Details shall be subject to automated treatment by EPSA. The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of Personal Details is:

(1) Execution and maintenance of whatever contractual relationships may be kept between EPSA and the User and/or, as applicable, execution, management, administration, rendering, extension and enhancement of any EPSA services as requested by the User. Tailoring of said services to the preferences and tastes displayed by the Users, design of new services relating the same and sending of updates.

(2) Sending, through traditional and/or electronic means, of technical, operational, advertising, promotional or self-promotional information regarding products and/or services.

(3) The undertaking of internal studies on demographical data, interests, and behavioral guidelines on users. The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of Personal Details also includes the sending of survey forms which the User is in no obligation to respond to. In charge of processing: EPSA may hire any natural or legal person to, on his/her/its own or in combination with others, process on EPSA’s behalf all Personal Details. In such event, EPSA shall contractually regulate with said third parties both the use and confidentiality of Personal Details in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Policy and in the applicable law. Consent. Through submission of any information through any kind of online forms including Personal Details, the User expressly, unequivocally grants his/her consent to have the Personal Details thus given included in the Personal Details File to be processed through automated means in accordance with this Policy. With regard to any information submitted by minors, it shall be a must to always obtain such information with due parental consent or through consent given by the legal guardian or representative in order to have the Personal Details thus given included in the Personal Details File to be processed through automated means in accordance with this Policy.
Whenever any Personal Details are requested by EPSA a Link shall be included forwarding the User to this Policy in order to inform him/her of his/her rights regarding Personal Details. Any circumstance about the treatment of Personal Details so requested other than those specified in this Policy shall be expressly notified.


EPSA may use “cookies” when the User is navigation throughout any of its web pages. A cookie may be defined as a text file including user information uploaded to a User’s hard disk in his/her computer by a website. Once your browser is closed, the “cookie” planted on your hard disk no longer operates. EPSA reserves its right to use its “cookies” in order to achieve a higher efficiency and efficacy regarding any online services rendered to Users. The benefits provided by the acceptance of our “cookies” translate into time saved as the User has no longer the need of verifying a reiterative registration process. The additional benefit provided by the “cookies” is that they allow us to trace and ascertain your interests with the aim of achieving a more pleasant visit to our website. The User has the possibility of setting up his/her browser in order to receive on-screen notices about the downloading of cookies and thus prevent any cookies from being installed in his/her hard disk. It is important that, if you do not wish to accept the implementation of cookies, do not forget to set up your browser accordingly. Even if you set up your browser for rejecting any cookies, you may still surf through our Site with the only drawback of not being able to benefit from any and all services offered. EPSA assumes no liability for the cookies that any third parties unrelated to our services may install in your computer’s hard disk.


This Site includes links that allow the User to switch to other pages/websites. EPSA assumes no liability whatsoever as regards of the data protection policy adopted by said third parties and advises Users to find out about its contents.  At any rate, Users are fully aware of the fact that this Regulation applies only and exclusively to information collected from this Site.


EPSA may, if applicable, assign Personal Details to the companies within its own International Group. In the event that EPSA transfers Personal Details to Group Companies based in countries which, in accordance with article 33 of the Organic Act on Data Protection: (a) do not provide a protection level comparable to that provided by the Spanish law on the subject matter and (b) are not included amongst the exceptions of article 34 of the same act, the relevant authorization by the Director of the Data Protection Agency shall be obtained. At any event, the processing carried out by said third parties on the Personal Details shall be limited to fulfillment of identical aims as for collection and automated processing of personal details and the undertaking of activities typical of the  Group.  Said assignment shall be contractually documented, including safeguarding clauses regarding confidentiality of Personal Details in accordance to which said Companies neither retain, assign or notify the details in question for purposes other than those specified, ensuring, at any rate, the deletion or destruction of any details that may have been kept once the purpose of the assignment has been completed.


Whenever the User may wish to register for our newsletter and promotions service he/she must provide the Personal Details required, which at any rate shall be those that are indispensable for the purposes of said services.  At any rate, ads that may be received through this system shall be easily identifiable as such. The User shall be at any time entitled at express his/her will not to receive ads through sending a communication in such regard to the e-mail address


EPSA hereby guarantees having adopted any legally required security standards for protection of Personal Details and put in place all devices at its reach in order to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of said details.  However the above, the User must be aware that Internet security measures are not fail-proof. Whenever required to provide relevant information (as for instance a National ID No. or credit card no.) such information will be subject to “secure sockets layer” (SSL) encrypting and technological processes in accordance with market standards. Most browsers in the market accept SSL. However, if in doubt, consult with your Internet provider. Likewise, whenever relevant details are given, these will be automatically channeled through a server secure area, which is reflected through the display of a URL such as , with an icon of a secured lock in the browser. Any data sent there from shall be transmitted in a fully secure environment. The secure server makes a connection in such a way that information shall be forwarded in encrypted manner through 128-bit algorithms that ensure the information shall only be readable by sender and recipient. In order to enable these security devices be fully functional, Users are required to have a compatible web browser such as Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.  An identification and authentication system has been deployed as well as devices for controlling physical access of authorized personnel. Our employees have been trained in issues relating privacy and security in data processing. Last, we have adopted organizational measures as necessary in order to ensure that servers in which the information to protect is physically located will be in restricted-access, properly secured facilities. Should you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding security, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through an e-mail message sent to


Any natural persons having provided EPSA with their personal details are entitled to address the company as party in charge of the file containing such Personal Details in order to be able to exercise their rights to access, cancel, modify and oppose to the details included in the relevant file. In view of the very personal nature of these rights, the person in question must prove his/her identity to EPSA which reserves the power of adopting any measures as relevant in order to verify such identity. The right to access may be exercised on a yearly basis unless due legitimate interest is evidenced. When exercising the right to access, the affected party may query the relevant file by addressing a written request to EPSA INTERNACIONAL S.A., Data Protection, Polig. Industrial Rio de Janeiro, Calle de la Pelaya 6, 28.110 Algete (MADRID).
Once User’s identity has been checked, EPSA shall proceed to notify him/her of its decision within one month. If permission were granted, you may gain access to said information in a period not to exceed 10 days from notice. Rights to rectification and cancellation may be exercised, in accordance to the provisions below provided your Personal Details included in EPSA’s files are inaccurate, incomplete, unsuitable or excessive. If that were the case, you may exercise said rights through any of the above means. Upon due verification of your identity, EPSA shall proceed to rectify or cancel your details within 10 days from receiving the relevant request.


EPSA reserves its right to amend this Policy in order to adapt it to any new legal developments as well to any provisions arising from type codes existing on the matter or based on corporate strategic reasons.  Such changes shall be notified to users with due prior notice as necessary through our Site without prejudice of obtaining necessary consent by any affected parties whenever such were not regarded as duly obtained in accordance with the terms herein provided. For any doubts, queries or comments that you may have in regard to these Regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us through an e-mail sent to:


This Website (hereinafter, the “Site”), which ownership and management correspond to EPSA, as well as any contents and elements found in it, are the property or under control of EPSA, being protected, without limitation, by the intellectual and industrial property law of the Kingdom of Spain and any international Treaties and Covenants as applicable.  Access to any area(s) included in it shall imply unconditional acceptance by Users of the following covenants, clauses and conditions:


This Site is operated and controlled by EPSA. Consequently, all matters that may arise in connection with access and/or use of the Site shall be understood to be governed and construed in accordance with the Spanish law. The Users, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction which they could be entitled to by law, irrevocably, unconditionally subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and power of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain) in order to resolve any conflict or question that may arise in connection with access to and/or use of any contents, elements or services included in the Site.


To these purposes, “Site” is understood as the information displayed and/or transferred (including but not limited to text, comments, press news, music clips, sounds, image clips, databases, multimedia products, pictures, artistic features or interpreting, productions and, in general, any other creations or contents expressed through any media and/or means, either tangible or intangible, existing now or to be created in the future that may be under protection by the applicable law on intellectual property or not (collectively regarded as the “Contents”) which in view of their selection or availability may constitute a protected intellectual creation in accordance with article 12, Refunded Text of the Intellectual Property Act. EPSA is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights that may apply on the Site. Likewise, are reserved for EPSA and/or, if applicable its legitimate proprietors, any rights on whatever Contents and/or elements that may be deployed on the Site, included but not limited to: (1) any elements comprising the visual look, graphic image and other sense stimulus of the Web pages that form the Site (“look and feel”); (2) the navigation architecture; (3) source codes of any web pages and (4) any audio files/formats (including MP3, “streaming” formats, etc.) regarding any audio and/or audiovisual recordings including interpretations or features of any music works, (5) whatever information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, pictures, computer files, databases, technology, computer hardware, know-how, trademarks, logos and, in general, any kind of materials accessible through the Site.


It is strictly forbidden the use or implementation of whatever foreign resources, either technical, software-related, or technological, instrumental in enabling the User or any third parties directly or indirectly benefit, for profit or not, of any and/or all Contents, elements, shapes, indexes and any other formal expressions that are part of the Site or the effort or investment carried out by EPSA for proper Site operation. EPSA authorizes links to its Site provided such links are in accordance with the provisions contained in clause 7.4 of General Conditions.


EPSA ®, EPSA INTERNACIONAL S.A. ®, EPSA Group ® and any other trademarks that may correspond to EPSA, used in this Site, are registered trademarks of EPSA. Any other trademarks and/or logos used in this Site belong to their relevant owners.


EPSA reserves its right to alter and/or modify at its sole discretion and at any time this Site or its contents as well as any clauses and conditions governing access and/or use. Such modification would apply as from their uploading to this Site. The use of the same after publishing will entail its effective application.


In the event of any doubts, further information may be requested at the following e-mail address:


It is strictly forbidden to carry out, without EPSA’s prior consent, any modifications or alterations to this Site. EPSA shall not assume any responsibility arising from or in connection with said modifications or alterations by such third parties.
EPSA assumes no duty or commitment to check or monitor any contents and/or information given in this Site, nor the contents and/or information that may be accessed through its relevant links.
The User of this Site, through accessing it, undertakes to use it in a manner fully in accord with the law and good practice and shall be liable against EPSA or any third parties for whatever damages caused as a result of the failure to observe such obligation.